Information Builders Event Registration

Information Builders is a 40+-year-old privately held software company headquartered in New York City. Information Builders provides services in the fields of Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Data Quality solutions.

Information Builders has a highly capable marketing team but sometimes, everyone needs some extra brains and hands to improve their major campaigns of the year. The Summit was that time for Information Builders and we were glad to help out to ensure their BI community not only knows about this event but also registers. And not just in the UK. But in all their 7 main markets.

The challenge

Information Builders aimed to drive registrations for its annual Business Intelligence event, The Summit, running in 7 major markets – UK, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium.

The promotion was to last at least 3 months ahead of the events in each territory. This meant we had a very limited time to create, translate, and set up the ads for each territory.

Needless to say with this series of events being the biggest of the year for Information Builders, all eyes were on this campaign.

Our solution:

After analyzing the audience and working out the KPIs against the budget, we decided to run the campaign on both Facebook and LinkedIn. 

While Facebook is not frequently used in B2B campaigns, it can be a powerful tool if the targeting is specific enough and the assets appealing, as the costs are a lot lower than on LinkedIn.

Luckily, Information Builders had enough historical online data for us to use for building a very accurate Facebook targeting.

We run a series of ads across both platforms experimenting with campaign types (lead gen forms vs webclick) and ad formats (carousel, static webclick ads, video, InMail). We optimized the campaign throughout its duration. This allowed us to determine the best working approach early on and ensure that the majority of the budget was allocated towards what worked the best.

The result:

Lowering the cost per registration by 27.7%

Increasing the volume of registrations by 62.5%