That Muse – Video

That Muse do something truly wonderful. Taking both groups of children and corporate events into some of the world’s most treasured museums, the hunt is on as their customer explore their surroundings in search for clues. It’s a treasure hunt, in a museum!

Our task was to portray this ‘product’ in a way that would inspire, and drive bookings. Their new event, at the Natural History Museum in London, was all about getting kids absorbed into the rich history the venue has to offer.

We followed a handful of groups around as they hunted for treasure, and captured the enjoyment they had.

ClientThat MuseServicesVideoYear2018

Whilst this is in effect a promotional video, we decided to film this with the view of capturing the experience, rather than just the product. With the help of a great group of volunteers, we followed them around, capturing their enjoyment as they themselves interacted and absorbed the experience.