Getting Social With Kenshoo

Kenshoo is a leading platform provider for PPC advertisers across Google, Bing and social channels. Their technology allows for better optimisation and delivery of digital advertisers, and working for over half of all top 100 Forbes businesses, they’re pretty great at what they do.

Our task was to improve their social strategy – both organic and paid for. We did this, with some quite brilliant results.

The problem

Limited content distribution network – Kenshoo spent time on publishing case studies, blogs, and other content on their page but had minimal traffic coming to and exploring that content.  

No social or paid activity across Kenshoo’s social media channels

No online engagement with potential customers, influencers, and press

Limited thought-leadership content that would drive potential customers to their page

Our solution:

To put Kenshoo on the social media map and start getting some data on content performance, we implemented a regular social media posting plan for their channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), sourcing content from 3rd party channels and their own resources.

We also launched paid campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn, A/B testing audiences and assets. This allowed us to assess what content resonates with their audience and inform not only our paid strategy but also Kenshoo’s content creation plan.

This was also supported by creating and testing a new visual style for all paid assets – experimenting with static, video, and carousel ads formats.

We created a new content series: Kenshoo 5, and worked with partners such as Pinterest to get more insight-driven content. 

We expanded their content distribution network beyond social, using platforms such as to drive more quality traffic to their content.

This whole activity was underpinned by upgrading their reporting and tracking capabilities, using UTM tracking and Google Analytics dashboards that gave us insights into user behaviour and conversion resulting from each channel and campaign. This also allowed us to be more agile with paid media optimization, as we are focusing not just on clicks but also on desired interactions with the promoted pages and content.

We have also supported Kenshoo with creating a new website and email templates to further the effectiveness of our content and paid activity.

A key part of the next chapter is to level up Kenshoo’s marketing integration and ensure that all activity is properly linked to their CRM systems.

The result:

Active channels that grow following by 10% every month on average

Increased engagement rate on organic channels from 0.12% to 0.85%

New visuals that increased the click-through rate on both organic and paid content by 20%

Content that encouraged higher dwell time by up to 1 minute and encourage further actions on the page (sign ups)

Social media is actually driving leads