Signia Campaign in a Box

Delivering a powerful creative and performance marketing a box.


Global campaign created, messaging developed and creative designed


Unique creative assets delivered


Day digital programme created


Territories trained

The challenge.

Sivantos is a global manufacturer of hearing aids. Leading the way in technology and style, they distribute to over 70 territories.

Working with a distribution model, sales are impacted by not just ATL advertising by Signia, but also by localized marketing driven by distributors. Our challenge from Signia was to empower local distributors with various levels of knowledge in digital marketing to deploy their campaigns using social media, email, and web in order to drive engagement, enquiries and sales.

Our solution was what we call the ‘Campaign in a Box’. A Sticky idea that allows global brands to build campaigns and then deliver them out for activation on a local level. We produced the assets, the story and messaging, and the campaign plan, as well as a series of guides that could be used locally to unpack and deliver the campaign box.

"We asked Sticky Click to build a campaign around our Rechargeability theme and we were very happy with their creativity, dedication and their ability to understand our industry fast. Also their extensive experience in digital marketing really helped the outcomes."

Freddy Leikauf, Marketing Manager - Signia

The concept.

Provided with just the theme of ‘Rechargeability’, we worked with our partners at Signia to develop a look and feel for the theme, as well as a set of campaign level and product-specific messaging. We tried to push their creative boundaries which was met with a lot of positive feedback from Sivantos external and internal stakeholders.

Online and offline.

Working with a wide range of distributors across the globe, our campaign messaging had to be transferable from an online space to offline, and also had to be easy to understand and translate, crossing cultural and linguistic barriers. Besides social assets, we also created flyers, window posters, and POS resources.

Activating campaigns.

A big part of our challenge was the delivery. As the campaign was to be delivered in over 70 territories, we needed to create step by step guides to offer support for implementation. These covered guides on how to advertise on Facebook, set-up of email campaigns in MailChimp, as well as advice and information on landing pages and conversion points.

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