A Dev Diary born out of lockdown

Navigating the challenges of lockdown to film and edit a dev diary that still delivers.

The challenge.

With the country deeply knuckled tigh in a national lockdown, approaching this dev diary in the usual way (filming on-site with the development team) was out of the question.

Instead, we carried out all filming remotely through zoom! Not the ideal solution of course, but with a release date of January 28th, it was vital that the story behind this fast-paced hack and slash game was told.

The result.

More reliant than usual on gameplay footage (over dev film footage) the final result was a Dev Diary that, whilst not to the same standard we work to when we’re able to film on-site as opposed to on zoom, really communicated the passion of this Manchester-based studio who have thrown their heart and soul into GWF.

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