Upping the game on TripStax’s BTS stand design

For the third year running we were tasked with designing the artwork for TripStax’s 2024 BTS exhibition stand. A tricky task, considering the previous two stand upped the game each time on design, and wowed audiences incrementally each time! The challenge was to create a stand that not only captured attention but also embodied the dynamic spirit of TripStax. By shifting from a predominantly black color scheme to a bold red core color, we succeeded in crafting a standout exhibit that left a lasting impression on attendees – AND took the WOW factor up a level for a third year running.

Project Goals.

  • Visual Impact: To create a visually striking stand that would draw attention and distinguish TripStax from competitors.
  • Brand Alignment: To reflect TripStax’s brand identity and our client’s vision through innovative design choices.
  • Improvement Over Previous Designs: To surpass the previous year’s stand design in terms of creativity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. 

Technical excellence.

What made this project more rewarding, but also more technically impactful, is that we created the stand’s artwork to connect with itself across ever edge. Brand dashes lined up and connected around bends, and every angle the stand could be seen from was considered.

The result was a stand out stand that drew crowds from across the centre, and made nearby competitors look…well, rather boring!

We can’t wait for next year!

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