Castle Climbing – Disability Video

Briefed to create a video that raised awareness of The Castle’s inclusive climbing programme, we looked at how we could make a social first video that would engage an audience with this unique service.

Our approach to this project was to ‘humanise’ disability. Make it relatable to real people, with character, personality and presence. For video 1, Luna was the perfect choice.

ClientCastle Climbing CentreServicesVideoYear2017

Luna suffers from MS, a condition that seriously effects her ability to move, and more so, climb. But, she’s a fiery character and determined to succeed at whatever she does, at all costs.

Great on camera, she shared why climbing is so important to her, as well as a few dating tips!

Alex is able-bodied, but visually impaired. Whilst he has the strength and capability to climb, navigating the wall is difficult – but not impossible!

Enna Thea has cerebral palsy, leading to problems controlling her core muscles and a lean on her left side. Through climbing the team at The Castle have focused on strengthening this side and elongating her reach, encouraging better posture. The result? Enna Thea can walk upstairs more confidently and bear weight more evenly on both sides when standing.

With his care-worker and friend Luke, George has been visiting the Castle regularly now for years. Together they work to improve George’s communication and both of their climbing skills.