In the next 2 minutes and 58 seconds, we’re going to reveal how we ace lead generation using a super simple content strategy – that works. Ready? OK. 

3-Step Content Strategy

Call them steps, call them parts of a funnel, call them three rings if you like. The point is there are three steps. They represent a typical funnel to conversion – Discovery, Engagement, Action. You’ll need relevant content against each one of these steps.

Content Strategy Step 1 – Discover

Your first point of contact with a prospect should be un-gated and broad. Give them something that’s relevant to their wider field of interest, for free. Introduce your brand to them, position yourselves as experts on your subject, and create a familiarity that you’ll rely on for the next two steps.


  • UNGATED Broad level, but USEFUL content. For example:
    • 3-Step Essential Content Strategy to Nail Lead Gen
    • 7 Must-Play Games of 2019
    • Want to save the planet? 12 changes to make NOW.
  • Gentle on-page call to actions – subscribe / sign up. No pop-ups, nothing too aggressive. If they sign-up, great, if not, no worries that’s not what we’re trying to achieve right now


Interest-based, age and geo-specific targeting relevant to your product.

You don’t have to have three rings. We’d actually recommend two un-gated touches with your audience before you put in any kind of conversion point (step 2). Double up here for stronger engagement. 

Content Strategy Step 2 – Engage

So your audience has now seen you once before and engaged with your content. It’s time to put a gate/conversion point in front of them (note our pro-tip – consider the second stage of un-gated content before you move onto this step).


  • Gated content that goes beyond ‘free value’ and dives deep into a specific area
  • Content that you can split by industry or specific area of interest
  • For example:
    • Q2 Report – What Digital Advertising is working, and what’s not
    • The Official, Unofficial Batman Cheat-sheet 
    • 30-Day Plan to Making a True Environmental Impact
  • A gated page that allows you to collect information through a form / OR make use of Facebook or LinkedIn Lead Generation cards


Remarket to people who visited your page on step 1 – plus further narrowing of the audience if you want to be really smart. Note that you’ll need a minimum audience of 300 on LinkedIn and 1,000 on Facebook, so this approach will work after time running step 1, or if your budget is big enough to reach and drive traffic fast.

Content Strategy Step 3 – Act

Depending on your KPIs you may have already achieved your goal – by getting the sign-up. But, we strongly believe that just because you have a sign-up or a gated content download, it doesn’t mean that your customer is ready to buy. The next step is to get them over the line with your final CTA.


  • Request a Demo, Book an Appointment, Buy Now – whatever your call to action, this is where you play that card. Create awesome assets that deliver that message.


Push this message through two channels. Social, by retargeting those that have downloaded your gated content, but also out by email if your customer has given you consent. 

You may also want to tie into this audience people who have completed step 1, but not step 2. This will increase your audience making things easier on social and could get people over the line quicker if, even after stage 1, they’re ready to convert. 

That’s three minutes!*

*Based on 200 words a minute, excluding these words, and the title…