Welcome to our weekly roundup of what’s happening around the world of digital marketing.

We read the full articles (we know…we are the minority) so you, a busy marketer who definitely has loads of stuff to do, can get the most important stuff in digestible headlines and paragraphs and then pretend that you actuallyr ead the whole thing to your colleagues. You are welcome.

UK advertisers are tightening their belts as Brexit approaches

Not really a shocker for us but according to research from Nielsen, companies such as Sky,  Procter & Gamble, or Unilever are reducing their ad budget, awaiting how Brexit impacts the market. Again. an expected reaction from companies that operate on the global market. From our perspective, we have seen massive businesses waste their budget on random things just to justify their budgets. A lot of these guys can probably achieve similar metrics with a bit smarter paid approach.


Facebook Page admins will be able to participate in Groups

Admins everywhere, rejoice! Your prayers have been answered and you will be able to use your page’s profile to comment in groups. One piece of advice for us, seasoned and well-rounded professionals, don’t overdo it with your brand exposure. If people wanted to talk to your brand only, they would go to your brand pages. So use with caution. ⚠️

Facebook is getting more transparent(ish) when it comes to ads

Hear hear! Facebook users will be able to see how advertisers and 3rd parties are using their information to target ads on Facebook. How many will actually look into it? Hard to say. But it’s good to see Facebook making positive progress on that front. As they say, the first step is to admit you have a problem…


Marketers don’t think GDPR is hindering their campaigns…that much

According to research by the lovely folks at DMA, more marketers than ever (52%) state GDPR has had no impact on their ability to meet customer’s demands, according to the DMA’s ‘Data privacy.

But not everything is as rosy as it seems as about 38% of professionals think that GDPR is hindering their sales efforts. What do our Sticky Clickers think about GDPR? Honestly, we are all for it. If your contacts are not eager to communicate with you in the first place, forcing them to read your marketing emails would probably not help much.



Facebook and Google to rule the world…unless we stop it

If the read the book “The Four” you will see this news as long time coming: the government has urged the competition watchdog to look into the online ad market over concerns about the dominance of Facebook and Google both in terms of ad revenues and their increasing control of publishers’ online distribution. An understandable move. However, looking at the recent numbers and growth indicators, we would not be surprised if Amazon became the third musketeer.


Gambling’s target audience shrinks. 

Shucks…gambling brands won’t be allowed to target customers aged under 18 from 1st April, when the guidelines devised by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) come into force. Plus, there are a few more rules they plan to enforce so you should probably read the whole article in this case…


Anyway, that’s it for this week! We hope to see you again next time!